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What’s in my makeup bag?

Well not just my makeup bag. I have several drawers and a tabletop and buckets of cosmetic crap.

I’m in the middle of remodeling my makeup station. I have started doing my makeup in my room instead of the bathroom for a number of reasons, mainly because my MAC pigments are starting to clump up a little bit in their jars and I’m thinking it probably has something to do with the humidity. So, I have started to use my second bureau as a place to store and apply makeup with my mom’s super old Conair lighted mirror from a million years ago lol. I’ll post pics when I get home and finish my set up, but here is what I have been using pretty much non-stop now for months.

1. Chanel Vitalumière Moisture-rich radiance fluid makeup SPF 15

Shut your mouth and get in your car.

Drive to your local department store (mine is Macy’s) or a Sephora. Do not leave unless this is in your hand.

I am wearing the color Beige right now, which is a little dark for me, but I stole this from my mom so I can’t complain. Never has my skin felt this nice with foundation on. It’s a slightly dewy finish, even with power on top.

2. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in By Candlelight and Soft and Gentle

This is By Candlelight, which I use the most often. I have used it almost every day for a year with my general makeup routine, and it is my favorite MSF that I have tried. I am almost hitting the pan. It’s $30, too which I think is a fair price for what you’re getting and the use factor. I am pretty sure they don’t make this color anymore or it may have been in a limited edition set, so I don’t really know where you can get it other than ebay.

I also use Soft and Gentle, which is a little cooler toned. I wear it less often because I am already the color of a ghost, but if I’m using really heavy eye makeup, I’ll use it to make my skin a little cooler and shimmery. Soft and Gentle is available on the MAC website and probably at the counter too.

3. Too Faced Eye Shadow Single in Label Whore (Now called Exotic Color Intense Shadow Single in Petal to the Metal)

Boo. I hate the new name.

I bought this at Sephora right when Ryan and I first started dating after eying it for months. It’s lasted me a long time, but sadly I am hitting pan. I use it as a dark shadow in the crease, sometimes all over the lid, and a lot of times to set brown or black eyeliner if that’s all I’m wearing. I don’t know when, but they renamed it Petals to the Metal, which is a shitty name compared to label whore. Either way, it’s an awesome color. It’s a dark almost red brown base with tealish blue shimmer. Really weird to describe, but very pretty.

4. Maybelline Colorsational Moisturizing Lipstick in 005 Pink Sand

I don’t usually wear lipstick, especially shimmy lipstick, and I almost never buy drugstore brands, but this was something I had to try. I saw the ads on TV made it look really pretty and I was looking for a quick nude pink dupe of a MAC color I wanted. This wasn’t it lol, but I grew to like it and now I wear it almost every day. At first, I didn’t like the shimmery-ness of it, as I wanted a matte pink lipstick, but  I don’t know. I really like it now, esp with some clear gloss over it. Awesome for a lipstick that costs under $7!

5. Benefit Boxed Powder in Sugarbomb

I feel bad, but  I am not the hugest Benefit fan. I have tried a lot of their products, and the only ones that  I think are worth buying are their boxed blushes (not the bronzers) and maybe Highbeam and That Gal. Right now I have some Lemon Aid and an almost full Benetint and I don’t like either one of those products. I have three of their boxed powders, Georgia which I don’t think they make anymore, Dandelion which I have gone through two of them and am seriously almost out of my third one, and my most recent is Sugarbomb which my mom got for me in a free basket at work. I like these as blushes, and I use Dandelion all over my face, but I think Sugarbomb is honsetly the most flattering blush I have ever tried.

6. Any Sephora brand eye pencil.

I go through a ton of these. I run out of black and brown eyeliner almost every month, and these are awesome because they have a ton of colors to chose from, a really great formula for what you’re paying (usually about $8 for a shorter pencil, maybe $10 for a full size, you’ll have to look) I have always gone back to these. My favorites are Electro Choc 08 in the glitter eye pencil, and the Midnight Black 01 in the nano eyeliner.

Well, those are my favorites for now. For mascara I generally use Clinique or Estee Lauder or Lancome. Anything thickening and lengthening. I also use Ardell short singles a lot to supplement my natural lashes. I’ll clean up my makeup stuff and show you all a pic later

❤ MK


Whooops It’s 2012

I AM 21 YEARS OLD!!!!!

…and I have been for like 2 months.

And I have only bought alcohol like twice.

I’m a loser.

Whatever. I have been working on my knitting goals for 2012!!!

I have a whole huge long list. Originally I was going to try and cook something new every week in 2012 but that takes time and effort and money, none of which I have.

So here is the list, adapted from my ever growing queue on Rav.




Colorful Rug

As well as like a million more projects that  I look at and forget to add to my queue.

I have been doing the February 2012 Google+ KAL where we are making a Big Herringbone Cowl and I have gotten along somewhat ok with it. It will be only my second FO of the year, along with the pair of nasty mitts I made for the fiance, which is an entirely different story that I will tell later…

I am about half done with the cowl, although it doesn’t really look like it. These pics were taken on night #1.

I like the herringbone pattern a lot, and might use it again, but I keep making stupid little mistakes and there are waaaay too many stitches for me to bother fixing it. I’m sure it’ll be fine when I am done. Which will hopefully be tomorrow or Monday.


Wedding Crafts

Being crafty is very important to me. Like as important as breathing. And eating cheese.

I want my wedding to be über crafty.

I’m not going to be planning anything until at least this summer, because I am getting married on January 4th, 2014, but I have been looking at all sorts of wedding crafts that  I want to begin creating for the big day. Some of my favorite pics so far are:

1. A wall of flowers somewhere. Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess used hers as the focal point of her alter, but I am getting married in a church so I don’t think this will work. Maybe I’ll use something like it somewhere for pictures or during the reception?

2. I also really like this idea from Michael’s. Yeah. Michael’s as in the craft store. Cute eh? I like the red one.

3. I want to hang lots of flowery ball shaped things at my wedding. Wait. That sounds obscene.

4. I already chopped up t-shirts to make these. I’m doing them in teal, charcoal gray, purple, mustard yellow, and peachy pink. That’s all the colors I have so far lol.

5. Knitted bunting? I have been dreaming this up in my head, although with my beekeeper’s quilt moving right along (zero puffs made in two weeks jesus h.) I don’t know if this little dream will become a reality. I don’t know yet. I have been thinking I would use the basic color scheme and incorporate different yarns and textures and create a little bunting to string somewhere. I would also like to make a little crocheted something for decorating, like chaining a really long string and then making scallops in it? Thoughts?

I had better get to sleep before I wear myself out with my over enterprising.


So have you met my wedding dress?

Fanfuckingtastic. Finals are over and Christmas is coming. I’m miserable. My macbook croaked due to an unfortunate accident with a glass of pink lemonade and I had to spend a shitton of money fixing it, leaving with me almost nothing to get presents for people or even pay my bills. I’m completely miserable. Anyways…

So like every other young girl that breathes, I am completely obsessed with reruns of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC. I catch old episodes when they come on midmorning…and at least once a day, I fall in love. This dress is my latest obsession. It’s a Claire Pettibone dress that I never in a million years could afford, but here she is, Madame Butterfly

Oh dear Christ. I love it. It screams winter. Basically swooning every single time I see it…and also when I look at the price tag. Definitely a no.

Other designs I like and could afford…

Vera Wang at David’s Bridal…there’s one nearby and I might have to try this one on…minus the tassel neckpiece. Yikes.

I’m pretty sure this one is not a part of the collection and I can’t try it on, but I still love the color. Bridal White totally doesn’t go with my skin tone. I am literally the color of paper…at my most tan.

I feel like my mom would like this one. I feel like it’s quite Betty Draper. I even like the crazy bow in front.

And some I can’t afford just for the fun of it:

I love the straps

I’d wear this if I were getting married in the summer, but I’m not so I won’t.

I’d say that’s enough dress porn for the evening. I’m going to continue working on my gorgeous stress acne and chugging diet mountain dew.

Cheers to you and yours!


Junk of the Heart

I love The Kooks and have been singing this song forever. I can’t get it out of my head.

On another note:

I keep seeing wedding hair ideas that I really like. Like beehives and messy curls. I like these two tutorials via A Beautiful Mess

Ryan doesn’t like it but I really don’t care what he thinks.

I remember my mom rag curling my hair when I was little. I want to try it again sometime.

I also really like this Makeup Geek tutorial. I would wear this every day. I usually wear darker eyemakeup.

Well that’s it for now. I’m waiting for my friend to text me back so we can go and discuss an engagement session ❤ !!! I’m so excited!!!

Let the planning begin…

Tonight I need to sit down with Ryan (the betrothed) and work on generating ideas for our wedding. I have a binder and notebook and a ton of magazines that I am going to just cut and paste and tear up. I have some ideas that I already want to incorporate into our theme…which we don’t really come to think of it.
What I do know:
The colors:

Anyway, that’s it for now. Ill try to make this a more regular thing and update more often, and with wedding planning on the way it might be easier 🙂

Scheiß and WIP Wednesday

Oh dear.
I have been quite neglectful as of late.
I have so much news.
First of all, I changed the name of my blog.
Second of all, we had a crazy snowstorm and we were out of power for 6 days. Even in Massachusetts this is very rare.

Another thing, I started Umass. It’s ok. I am not the hugest fan of my classes, but whatever.
On a brighter note….

And to answer any questions, it will be in 2013, and no you’re not invited 🙂
I have been diligently working on a Beekeeper’s quilt by Tiny Owl Knits for about a month now, and I have made 25 hexipuffs as of last night. I am wicked excited about it and would like to make about 700 of them lol. I don’t really know how many I will make, but I would really like it to fit a queen sized bed or the equivalent and I would like to have it done by the time I get married.

Tonight after work (Jesus H, I got a new job too. Sorry you’ve been out of the loop) I will start piecing them together because I want to see how it looks so far and I am too excited to wait until I get to 50 before I do it. How about every 25 puffs I put them together lol?
Another thing…The New England Fiber Festival was a ton of fun. I went on Sunday morning and stayed for a couple of hours. I got some braids of roving and a couple of balls of wool to play with. I want to do something with them now, but I am going to wait until I get a wheel.

I want to live in this little house. There is a RAINBOW on the back of it. If only it were made out of glitter…
Anyway. That’s basically it for right now. I have to go study for a class instead of playing with my CrackBook. I will definitely try to update more frequently, but the months of September and October were insanity for me.
Love you allllll.

Self Portrait

Today I started doing a 30 day photography challenge.

It was a self-portrait. That is what I look like.

I feel a little depressed and grumpy lately. Things haven’t been going as  I had planned.

I feel like crap.

I have been on summer vacation since May.

And fucking school doesn’t start until Tuesday.



You have no idea how glad I am that it is September 1st.

No idea.

No fucking idea.

I HATE summer.

I hate it.

The heat, the bullshit 51 hour work week, the endless boredom.

I would rather go to school 2340924547936 days of the year.

Children, someday you will understand and will grow to hate summer vacation.

Possibly more than I do.

But probably not.

Goodnight all.



Irene can suck it.

I don’t really have much to say other than we weather this summer has been pretty fucking annoying. First, at the beginning of the summer there were tornadoes that caused extensive damage to the area, followed by a season of too-cold and too-hot days. It’s been really irregular and frustrating. Today, hurricane Irene passed through flooding everything. I only took one picture. I was on my way home from work and got rerouted like 3 times. It was just frustrating. I realize it’s New England but this is a little excessive.

This flooded field is about five minutes from my home yet the road was blocked off and I couldn’t go home that way. Whatever. I hate weather.
We are still waiting for the rest of the storm to hit so I’m going to go take a nap now.
Everyone stay safe and god bless.


So it’s been awhile since my last post but I just wanted to share what I’ve been doing.
I’ve been slowly and steadily working on my Veronique sweaterlet. It’s taken me forever to work on it which is kind of sad because it’s stockinette and really simple lol.
I also spun up a quick skein of yarn and I am really happy with how it came out. It was from a braid of targhee by Abstract Fiber in the colorway Laurelhurst

I really like how it came out. It’s soft ad springy and has some stretch in it, more than the other yarns I’ve created. It was a pleasure to work with.

The colors were mostly pinks, teals, black and a TON of green. I kind of just drafted and spun them in a random order however I felt like it.

I still have a lot more but I think I want to mix it with some other wool that I have. I’ll have to see.
❤ MK

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