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Scheiß and WIP Wednesday

Oh dear.
I have been quite neglectful as of late.
I have so much news.
First of all, I changed the name of my blog.
Second of all, we had a crazy snowstorm and we were out of power for 6 days. Even in Massachusetts this is very rare.

Another thing, I started Umass. It’s ok. I am not the hugest fan of my classes, but whatever.
On a brighter note….

And to answer any questions, it will be in 2013, and no you’re not invited 🙂
I have been diligently working on a Beekeeper’s quilt by Tiny Owl Knits for about a month now, and I have made 25 hexipuffs as of last night. I am wicked excited about it and would like to make about 700 of them lol. I don’t really know how many I will make, but I would really like it to fit a queen sized bed or the equivalent and I would like to have it done by the time I get married.

Tonight after work (Jesus H, I got a new job too. Sorry you’ve been out of the loop) I will start piecing them together because I want to see how it looks so far and I am too excited to wait until I get to 50 before I do it. How about every 25 puffs I put them together lol?
Another thing…The New England Fiber Festival was a ton of fun. I went on Sunday morning and stayed for a couple of hours. I got some braids of roving and a couple of balls of wool to play with. I want to do something with them now, but I am going to wait until I get a wheel.

I want to live in this little house. There is a RAINBOW on the back of it. If only it were made out of glitter…
Anyway. That’s basically it for right now. I have to go study for a class instead of playing with my CrackBook. I will definitely try to update more frequently, but the months of September and October were insanity for me.
Love you allllll.

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2 thoughts on “Scheiß and WIP Wednesday

  1. Congratulations on your engagement!

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