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Whooops It’s 2012

I AM 21 YEARS OLD!!!!!

…and I have been for like 2 months.

And I have only bought alcohol like twice.

I’m a loser.

Whatever. I have been working on my knitting goals for 2012!!!

I have a whole huge long list. Originally I was going to try and cook something new every week in 2012 but that takes time and effort and money, none of which I have.

So here is the list, adapted from my ever growing queue on Rav.




Colorful Rug

As well as like a million more projects that  I look at and forget to add to my queue.

I have been doing the February 2012 Google+ KAL where we are making a Big Herringbone Cowl and I have gotten along somewhat ok with it. It will be only my second FO of the year, along with the pair of nasty mitts I made for the fiance, which is an entirely different story that I will tell later…

I am about half done with the cowl, although it doesn’t really look like it. These pics were taken on night #1.

I like the herringbone pattern a lot, and might use it again, but I keep making stupid little mistakes and there are waaaay too many stitches for me to bother fixing it. I’m sure it’ll be fine when I am done. Which will hopefully be tomorrow or Monday.


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