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So have you met my wedding dress?

Fanfuckingtastic. Finals are over and Christmas is coming. I’m miserable. My macbook croaked due to an unfortunate accident with a glass of pink lemonade and I had to spend a shitton of money fixing it, leaving with me almost nothing to get presents for people or even pay my bills. I’m completely miserable. Anyways…

So like every other young girl that breathes, I am completely obsessed with reruns of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC. I catch old episodes when they come on midmorning…and at least once a day, I fall in love. This dress is my latest obsession. It’s a Claire Pettibone dress that I never in a million years could afford, but here she is, Madame Butterfly

Oh dear Christ. I love it. It screams winter. Basically swooning every single time I see it…and also when I look at the price tag. Definitely a no.

Other designs I like and could afford…

Vera Wang at David’s Bridal…there’s one nearby and I might have to try this one on…minus the tassel neckpiece. Yikes.

I’m pretty sure this one is not a part of the collection and I can’t try it on, but I still love the color. Bridal White totally doesn’t go with my skin tone. I am literally the color of paper…at my most tan.

I feel like my mom would like this one. I feel like it’s quite Betty Draper. I even like the crazy bow in front.

And some I can’t afford just for the fun of it:

I love the straps

I’d wear this if I were getting married in the summer, but I’m not so I won’t.

I’d say that’s enough dress porn for the evening. I’m going to continue working on my gorgeous stress acne and chugging diet mountain dew.

Cheers to you and yours!


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