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Wedding Crafts

Being crafty is very important to me. Like as important as breathing. And eating cheese.

I want my wedding to be รผber crafty.

I’m not going to be planning anything until at least this summer, because I am getting married on January 4th, 2014, but I have been looking at all sorts of wedding crafts thatย  I want to begin creating for the big day. Some of my favorite pics so far are:

1. A wall of flowers somewhere. Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess used hers as the focal point of her alter, but I am getting married in a church so I don’t think this will work. Maybe I’ll use something like it somewhere for pictures or during the reception?

2. I also really like this idea from Michael’s. Yeah. Michael’s as in the craft store. Cute eh? I like the red one.

3. I want to hang lots of flowery ball shaped things at my wedding. Wait. That sounds obscene.

4. I already chopped up t-shirts to make these. I’m doing them in teal, charcoal gray, purple, mustard yellow, and peachy pink. That’s all the colors I have so far lol.

5. Knitted bunting? I have been dreaming this up in my head, although with my beekeeper’s quilt moving right along (zero puffs made in two weeks jesus h.) I don’t know if this little dream will become a reality. I don’t know yet. I have been thinking I would use the basic color scheme and incorporate different yarns and textures and create a little bunting to string somewhere. I would also like to make a little crocheted something for decorating, like chaining a really long string and then making scallops in it? Thoughts?

I had better get to sleep before I wear myself out with my over enterprising.


Veronique WIP and more photos

Good evening everyone! I know I promised to put up more pictures of my little day trip to Rhode Island, so I will at the end of the post.

It has been a bad week.

First off, I had a job interview and I really wanted to get the position, but they gave it to someone else. -_- Cool.

Second, I hurt my back really badly at work on Friday and haven’t really been mobile except to go, well, to work. I also had a disastrous trip to the mall today. I am in a lot of pain but I got some good stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ I bought a new backpack and some clothes and school supplies and nonsense. I also went to the Apple store because I needed a new laptop sleeve for my MacBook but they didn’t have any in my price range…although someone can totally buy me the purple Marc Jacobs case if they want to, I won’t turn them away.

Anyhoo, this was my favorite purchase: a new top at Forever 21

That’s me, looking like a chubber because I can’t stand up straight with my back all effed up
I like the lace in the back even though it shows my whole bra. It’s fine.
I also wanted to share that I am knitting something that hasn’t gone wrong yet? What? wait for real?
This is my Veronique sweater out of French Girl Knits.
And it is going somewhat well. I haven’t gotten my gauge right in some places but overall its pretty even and probably even wearable for when it’s done. I’m shocked.

I have completely amazed myself here. I have finally knitted something that doesn’t look awful. Except for the one part where the yarn split and it’s kind of hanging by a thread there and it is going to snap the minute I get it on. No problem.
And now, as promised, my final Providence pictures.
My lovey โค

That’s HP Lovecraft’s house. I’m not uploading a picture of his grave out of respect for the asshole who yelled at me.Welp. That’s about it for tonight. None of my ghosting pictures came out good which bummed me out. I kind of wish I had taken more pictures in general. Whaa.
I’m going to go nap now. And dream of how I can recreate makeup I did on myself a couple weeks ago for work. I cant even remember what I used. Sephora brand tealish eyeshadow and maybe some MAC gold pigment or shadow? I have no idea.
Smell ya.


This is a little embarrassing, but I am totally obsessed with the show Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. I am so obsessed that my boyfriend went on living social and bought us tickets to a ghost tour of Providence, Rhode Island. We’ve had the tickets for months and yesterday we finally got to go. Here are the pics ๐Ÿ™‚
That’s me. I’m pretty sad to announce that that was the furthest away from home I have ever driven. An hour and a half. I’m a little bit stunted.

Neither one of us had been to Rhode Island before. We are both stunted.



Every time I go to a new state capital, I have to go to the state house. I’m a weirdo. Anyway, these are some of the pictures from that.



Ryan and I wandered around the city a little bit. It’s really small and compact and good for walking. I was surprised. I thought the river was really pretty and I love that gold house. It’s my favorite shade of yellow. Also, it was one of the stops on our ghost walk which made me very happy :).


When the sun began to set a little, boyfriend and I wandered up to the Prospect Terrace park where we would meet our group. I took some more pictures.




The statue is of Roger Williams. I didn’t know that some of his body was buried there.


Well that’s all I’ve got for right now. I’ll upload the pictures from the actual ghost walk tomorrow sometime, along with another project I’m starting. I’m writing this on my phone and didn’t have that many pictures, so I’ll post some more later when I have my MacBook and camera. Before I go though, I’ll add a picture of what I bought at the mall in Providence yesterday because obviously I can’t not upload pictures from a shopping trip.

I bought two new bras from Victoria’s Secret in neon yellow and orange. The pic doesn’t do them justice. I also went to Lush and bought a bar of sandy soap. The girl told me not to use it everyday as it’s pretty abrasive. It smells like lemons and cream though. Really nice. I also bought two new books, a knitting meditation book and a crafting prompt journal, but I’ll also post on that later too. Bye everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ <3MK


I have done it.

I spun a few skeins, and I dyed them.

…with kool-aid.

This was probably the most exciting thing I have ever done.

I have no life.

So, first of all, I tied off my wool after I spun it and then added a shit ton of water to a big pot.

I added a splash of white vinegar too, even though it wasn’t really necessary, but whatever.

I heated the water on medium for a while, just before it began to boil, and then I switched it to low.

Then, I submerged my wool. I had three small skeins of it.

I used a potato masher to gently push them down into the water.

And then I just let them hang out for a while.

After soaking for about ten minutes, I put the water back up to almost medium.


I mixed my dyes. I used three of some and two of others, with about a shot glass worth of water for each package. Don’t laugh. I’ve never done this before and I barely did any research. I’m all about winging it.

I used kool-aid that I bought at the Stop n Shop in Holyoke, because fricking Big Y in Northampton only sells it by the tub. Annoying. I dont know. Maybe if I am going to do this more often, I will buy tubs of it, but if I were to dye often, wouldnt I just go and buy real dye?


Anyways, here are the colors I used, all sugar free, obviously. Remember, each pack took one shot of water.

3 Packs of the Tropical Punch (Kind of orangey-bright reddish pink?)

3 Packs of Grape (dark blue-purple-brown)

3 Black Cherry (dark rusty red)

2 Watermelon Cherry (garish orange-pink)

2 Orange (garish orange)

2 Strawberry (blood red)

So all in all, it was 15 packs of kool-aid, with a glug of vinegar (even though some websites say the drink mix has enough citric acid in it, but I wanted to be sure)

I basically poured the party cups of dye in lines from darkest to lightest, starting with the grape at the back of the pot (furthest from me) and ending with the orange at the front. This is what the water looked like. Kind of gross.

The kitchen smelled delicious though.

I turned the pot to low heat and left it sitting for 20 minutes. I then checked the wool with the potato masher again. The dye was being soaked up, but not as much as I had hoped. I lightly placed a sheet of tin foil over my pot and then left it for another hour. This is what happened.

(blurry iphone pic. sorry)

Anyways, I think it is BEAUTIFUL

it wasnt the effect I was going for, as I had wanted a more variegated yarn, but this works very well.

I dried it all night over the bathtub before moving it to the clothesline to dry in the sun today.

The lighting is bad, but it is kind of a Gryffindor crimson.

Therefore, it’s name is Minerva.

As in McGonagall.

Im thinking I am going to have to do all of the houses of Hogwarts now. This might be my new end of summer project ๐Ÿ™‚


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