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Wedding Crafts

Being crafty is very important to me. Like as important as breathing. And eating cheese.

I want my wedding to be über crafty.

I’m not going to be planning anything until at least this summer, because I am getting married on January 4th, 2014, but I have been looking at all sorts of wedding crafts that  I want to begin creating for the big day. Some of my favorite pics so far are:

1. A wall of flowers somewhere. Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess used hers as the focal point of her alter, but I am getting married in a church so I don’t think this will work. Maybe I’ll use something like it somewhere for pictures or during the reception?

2. I also really like this idea from Michael’s. Yeah. Michael’s as in the craft store. Cute eh? I like the red one.

3. I want to hang lots of flowery ball shaped things at my wedding. Wait. That sounds obscene.

4. I already chopped up t-shirts to make these. I’m doing them in teal, charcoal gray, purple, mustard yellow, and peachy pink. That’s all the colors I have so far lol.

5. Knitted bunting? I have been dreaming this up in my head, although with my beekeeper’s quilt moving right along (zero puffs made in two weeks jesus h.) I don’t know if this little dream will become a reality. I don’t know yet. I have been thinking I would use the basic color scheme and incorporate different yarns and textures and create a little bunting to string somewhere. I would also like to make a little crocheted something for decorating, like chaining a really long string and then making scallops in it? Thoughts?

I had better get to sleep before I wear myself out with my over enterprising.


Scheiß and WIP Wednesday

Oh dear.
I have been quite neglectful as of late.
I have so much news.
First of all, I changed the name of my blog.
Second of all, we had a crazy snowstorm and we were out of power for 6 days. Even in Massachusetts this is very rare.

Another thing, I started Umass. It’s ok. I am not the hugest fan of my classes, but whatever.
On a brighter note….

And to answer any questions, it will be in 2013, and no you’re not invited 🙂
I have been diligently working on a Beekeeper’s quilt by Tiny Owl Knits for about a month now, and I have made 25 hexipuffs as of last night. I am wicked excited about it and would like to make about 700 of them lol. I don’t really know how many I will make, but I would really like it to fit a queen sized bed or the equivalent and I would like to have it done by the time I get married.

Tonight after work (Jesus H, I got a new job too. Sorry you’ve been out of the loop) I will start piecing them together because I want to see how it looks so far and I am too excited to wait until I get to 50 before I do it. How about every 25 puffs I put them together lol?
Another thing…The New England Fiber Festival was a ton of fun. I went on Sunday morning and stayed for a couple of hours. I got some braids of roving and a couple of balls of wool to play with. I want to do something with them now, but I am going to wait until I get a wheel.

I want to live in this little house. There is a RAINBOW on the back of it. If only it were made out of glitter…
Anyway. That’s basically it for right now. I have to go study for a class instead of playing with my CrackBook. I will definitely try to update more frequently, but the months of September and October were insanity for me.
Love you allllll.


So it’s been awhile since my last post but I just wanted to share what I’ve been doing.
I’ve been slowly and steadily working on my Veronique sweaterlet. It’s taken me forever to work on it which is kind of sad because it’s stockinette and really simple lol.
I also spun up a quick skein of yarn and I am really happy with how it came out. It was from a braid of targhee by Abstract Fiber in the colorway Laurelhurst

I really like how it came out. It’s soft ad springy and has some stretch in it, more than the other yarns I’ve created. It was a pleasure to work with.

The colors were mostly pinks, teals, black and a TON of green. I kind of just drafted and spun them in a random order however I felt like it.

I still have a lot more but I think I want to mix it with some other wool that I have. I’ll have to see.
❤ MK

Veronique WIP and more photos

Good evening everyone! I know I promised to put up more pictures of my little day trip to Rhode Island, so I will at the end of the post.

It has been a bad week.

First off, I had a job interview and I really wanted to get the position, but they gave it to someone else. -_- Cool.

Second, I hurt my back really badly at work on Friday and haven’t really been mobile except to go, well, to work. I also had a disastrous trip to the mall today. I am in a lot of pain but I got some good stuff 🙂 I bought a new backpack and some clothes and school supplies and nonsense. I also went to the Apple store because I needed a new laptop sleeve for my MacBook but they didn’t have any in my price range…although someone can totally buy me the purple Marc Jacobs case if they want to, I won’t turn them away.

Anyhoo, this was my favorite purchase: a new top at Forever 21

That’s me, looking like a chubber because I can’t stand up straight with my back all effed up
I like the lace in the back even though it shows my whole bra. It’s fine.
I also wanted to share that I am knitting something that hasn’t gone wrong yet? What? wait for real?
This is my Veronique sweater out of French Girl Knits.
And it is going somewhat well. I haven’t gotten my gauge right in some places but overall its pretty even and probably even wearable for when it’s done. I’m shocked.

I have completely amazed myself here. I have finally knitted something that doesn’t look awful. Except for the one part where the yarn split and it’s kind of hanging by a thread there and it is going to snap the minute I get it on. No problem.
And now, as promised, my final Providence pictures.
My lovey ❤

That’s HP Lovecraft’s house. I’m not uploading a picture of his grave out of respect for the asshole who yelled at me.Welp. That’s about it for tonight. None of my ghosting pictures came out good which bummed me out. I kind of wish I had taken more pictures in general. Whaa.
I’m going to go nap now. And dream of how I can recreate makeup I did on myself a couple weeks ago for work. I cant even remember what I used. Sephora brand tealish eyeshadow and maybe some MAC gold pigment or shadow? I have no idea.
Smell ya.


I have done it.

I spun a few skeins, and I dyed them.

…with kool-aid.

This was probably the most exciting thing I have ever done.

I have no life.

So, first of all, I tied off my wool after I spun it and then added a shit ton of water to a big pot.

I added a splash of white vinegar too, even though it wasn’t really necessary, but whatever.

I heated the water on medium for a while, just before it began to boil, and then I switched it to low.

Then, I submerged my wool. I had three small skeins of it.

I used a potato masher to gently push them down into the water.

And then I just let them hang out for a while.

After soaking for about ten minutes, I put the water back up to almost medium.


I mixed my dyes. I used three of some and two of others, with about a shot glass worth of water for each package. Don’t laugh. I’ve never done this before and I barely did any research. I’m all about winging it.

I used kool-aid that I bought at the Stop n Shop in Holyoke, because fricking Big Y in Northampton only sells it by the tub. Annoying. I dont know. Maybe if I am going to do this more often, I will buy tubs of it, but if I were to dye often, wouldnt I just go and buy real dye?


Anyways, here are the colors I used, all sugar free, obviously. Remember, each pack took one shot of water.

3 Packs of the Tropical Punch (Kind of orangey-bright reddish pink?)

3 Packs of Grape (dark blue-purple-brown)

3 Black Cherry (dark rusty red)

2 Watermelon Cherry (garish orange-pink)

2 Orange (garish orange)

2 Strawberry (blood red)

So all in all, it was 15 packs of kool-aid, with a glug of vinegar (even though some websites say the drink mix has enough citric acid in it, but I wanted to be sure)

I basically poured the party cups of dye in lines from darkest to lightest, starting with the grape at the back of the pot (furthest from me) and ending with the orange at the front. This is what the water looked like. Kind of gross.

The kitchen smelled delicious though.

I turned the pot to low heat and left it sitting for 20 minutes. I then checked the wool with the potato masher again. The dye was being soaked up, but not as much as I had hoped. I lightly placed a sheet of tin foil over my pot and then left it for another hour. This is what happened.

(blurry iphone pic. sorry)

Anyways, I think it is BEAUTIFUL

it wasnt the effect I was going for, as I had wanted a more variegated yarn, but this works very well.

I dried it all night over the bathtub before moving it to the clothesline to dry in the sun today.

The lighting is bad, but it is kind of a Gryffindor crimson.

Therefore, it’s name is Minerva.

As in McGonagall.

Im thinking I am going to have to do all of the houses of Hogwarts now. This might be my new end of summer project 🙂


It’s hot out.

I don’t care that I’m complaining.
I live in Massachusetts. There is no reason for it to be 100 degrees here.

Look at my poor cat. She’s melting.
Anyways. So while I’m at work, baking in the heat and pretending to be nice to customers, I just wanted to share some of my recent handspun endeavors.

This is some roving I spun. I forgot the name of the fiber company but I’ll share it later. I don’t really have a name for it or know of a use for it because it’s not consistent in weight or anything and also I haven’t wound it or anything.


I tied it into a sort of hank although I think I did it wrong, but I’ll upload a pic of that later, too.

Here’s another bit of yarn I spun. I bought a braid of roving at Web’s and split it and drafted it and then spun it. It too is also too thick and not really doing it for me but I think the colors are too pretty.

I’ve been working on a sock for a while. I feel bad because it’s just a simple top down sock and it’s taken me months to work on it and I’m still not done yet lol.

It’s just plain using Paton’s sock yarn from the craft store. Boyfriend is making me knit him a pair of socks too but we shall see how that goes.
I also did some major shopping this week. I went to target and bought two new chairs for my room.

A bunch of shorts at forever 21

And a ton of random shirts.

I’m glad I finally found summer clothes that fit even though it’s the end of July and I need to start my school shopping soon. Whoops.
Finally, on an ending note, I walked into work yesterday only to find this little guy staring up at me.


Poor little thing 😦 no worries though, my boss let him go in the woods.
Well I should probably pretend that I’m working. Laterrr


My boyfriend took me to Boston for the day.

The trip was primarily because tomorrow is my twentieth birthday, and also because I really wanted to visit Windsor Button, which I guess is supposed to be a Boston institution, selling yarn and obviously buttons, but I though it was just kind of meh. I think I’m wicked spoiled because I live so close to Web’s, but I just didn’t think there was enough selection (except for all the Goddamned buttons these people have, sheesh!!)  and the layout was weird. Whatever though, that’s just my opinion.

Noro. Delicious…and waaaay too expensive. I’m going to have to stick to my craft store yarn I guess.

We also went to this little bookstore and played around. I found a really cool pencil drawing of all of these little scenes put together. A man and a woman facing each other with soldiers all around them and fighting going on and references to pop culture from the time period, and then I took a closer look and in the background there was a huge drawing of a vagina with Nazis all around it. Holy fuck it was soooo funny. And 125$ lollll

Anyways, the used books were really nice. We even found an old yearbook from Amherst dating back to the 1860s.

And a sleepy kitty.

We ran over to the common to take pictures of the statehouse really quick and to grab a coffee. I also had to pee really bad but all the fricking bathrooms were customers only so whatever.

Such a pretty day! But where is the snow? Don’t we live in Massachusetts? Really?

No wait just kidding. You can keep the snow. I don’t want it.

The day ended with a trip back to the shops and market and harbor where Ryan and I took some photos.My ass cheeks were frozen together.

Well that’s it for now. I’ll post some of the stuff I’ve been working on, plus the two skeins of yarn I bought for myself in Boston and also what I have been working on.

I’m off to watch 16 and Pregnant and enjoy my last hour of being a teenager. Byeee.


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